SAB COFFEE MACHINES S.R.L. it is a new reality born in April 2018.

Due to a reorganization of the company, the SAB brand has been found, theskills and knowledge of S.V.ITALIA S.R.L. (active since 1998) , has therefore combined the new reality with the collective experience of a company active in the sector from many years, continuing the production of the coffee both for domestic use and for professional use.

The company counts the collaboration of 12 employees, witha an annual production of about 2.000 pieces, it allows an hand-made production and a particular attention to the needs of its customers. Prerogative is recognized all over the world and is moving forward with the search for new design, technological innovation, with the aim of improving the performance of products more and more.

The production is made in the factory located in San Vittore Olona, near Malpensa Airport and far from Milano City about 30 minutes.

The SAB brand is exported for about 90% of production in various foreing markets, and expects to further expand its presence in new markets.

His staff is always available to the customers for any clarification or information.